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Aktualni nabidka prace softcore

Aktualni nabidka prace softcore
Dívky/ženy 18 - 35 let opravdu dobře vypadající na softové foto/video práce ( některé zakázky lehký playboy, některé solo dildo ).
Termín v následujících 3 měsících pro více projektu tedy možnost mít v aktuálním období více zakázek v platovém rozmezí 200-300eu denně. Případné zájemkyně prosím foto obličeje a celé postavy, aby byla zřetelně vidět + celé jméno, věk a samozřejmě tel. kontakt na email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Girls / Women 18-35 years old are really good looking for soft photo / video work (some lightweight playboy orders, some solo dildos).
The deadline for the next three months for multiple projects is to have more jobs in the 200-300eu daily range. Any interested please photo of the face and the whole character + full name, age and of course contact to email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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After some time I am bringing you second part of the interview with pornstar Angel Wicky! 

Is there anything that you would never do? 
Sex with animals, scat, vomit, pain and blood, … I don’t mind to miss this. 

What are your plans for the future? 
Now I am starting my new websites and production, I am finishing another two covers of Playboy, I am planning to start singing and to record musical CD plus a lot of shooting and photoshooting all around the world. I imagine my distant future the same as now. To photoshoot, shoot, play, do creative things and sexy projects. Just do what I like and what I enjoy. 

Are you planing to perform as a musician by your own name or stage name? Aren’t you afraid of judgement? 
I will perform as Angel Wicky of course. I don’t care about judgemental people. Who takes me as a girl who sleeps with guys for money, will takes me as a girl who sleeps with guys for money anyway. And who takes me seriously will just confirm his opinion. In a world of playboy and fashion take me as Angel Wicky. This is me, my world, my job and I won’t be anyone else. Certain production offered me to start my career in a fetish wolrd some time ago - under pseudonym, totally new indetity. But it seems nonsense to me to start my career from the begining when I have builden up some name already. 

What have you gained and what have you lost thanks to porn? 
I haven’t lost anything and I’ve gained really a lot. It gave me experiences, many awesome stories, memories, people, creativity, ideas, projects and fans. I am absolutely satisfied and I won’t change a thing. 

What do you hate on actors and actresses? 
As I already said, arrogance for no reason, non-professionalism,drug use, too much alcohol, inability to have a normal life/conversation, diversion of work and private life. 

Have you enjoyed to work with HoliVR? 
Absolutely! My favourite company on virtual reality! I have shooted for many VR companies, like two or three years ago when VR porn has just started, but HoliVR takes it to perfection. Their videos looks really good and their professionalism and style are just awesome!




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Aktualni nabidka prace pro divky a zeny - Soft Twerk Party Girl

Na terminy 22 a 23.5. 2016 hledame nekolik divek. Prace soft foto+video - Gaze 200,- EUR. Produkce bude probihat v Praze na Zizkove.
Zajemkyne prosim zasilejte Vase aktualni fotografie a tel. kontakt na email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Booking manager Tereza Dworak
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Today I have a interview with true porn star from the Czech republic - Angel Wicky. And because she is really talkative and has a lot to say, I separate interview into two parts. So here is the first!


How did you get into porn? 
I just wanted to. When I reached eighteen, I just went to some agencies, did some casting for photoshooting but also for porn shooting and that is it. I have been singing, acting and performing on the stage since I was little, I really loved attention. It fascinates me on the girls from porn, how beautiful they were, how they can manipulate with spectator, … And nudity doesn’t seem like anything bad to me. I am just a fool and exhibitionist. 

Have you ever done anything similar to that before you reached eighteen? Not porn of course, but what about some glamour photos or something like that? 
The nudity is illegal until eighteen. And fashion photos can be photographed only with agreement of parents. But we have been photographing with my friends, we have been trying makeup, changing clothes etc. I have been really enjoying it. 

And the parents didn’t agreed with photographing? 
Actually I don’t lnow, I didn’t talk about it with them so much. I have so many hobbies, so I was in a quite big rush. 

And how did you get from singing to porn? 
I have always been artistically based type. I like creative things. But on the other hand, I was realising that acting and singing is something, that you have to study for a long time and then I will maybe act some small role somewhere. I have also been really hyperactive and just sitting somewhere and listening to teacher? To lerning thing which most of them I won’t use later? It is not for me. 

But even during porn shooting you have to wait sometimes - until they set the lights etc. You don’t mind this? 
Previously I have been reading books or helping someone, there is always something to do. But now when I have my own production and staging, I just do my stuffs to work. 

What was your motivation to stay in a porn? 
My main motivation was and still is that I love my job. I am exhibitionist which loves nudity and creating new thing. Either as a photo model/porn star or as a director of the whole project.  Thanks to that industry I have made my big dream come true and I am so happy about that.

You are bisexual. Do you prefer to shoot with boys or with girls? 
I prefer girls these days. For the last two months I have met many bisexuals, so the shooting was fun. And actually lesbian porn is the only porn that I am enjoying a bit. In other cases, porn is hundred percent work for me, it is absolutely not about feelings or enjoying it. I strictly separate porn shooting and private life. You can’t hate sex if you do that job of course, but for me it is just work. I have not had orgasm for whole eight years, that I am in a porn. But back to the original question - I prefer girls now. Also boys make me angry sometimes, when they are nervous, have a problem with erection or on the contrary with premature ejaculation, … It can makes you angry. Me and even the whole team. You are just trying about professional attitude and to make perfect performance and I hate when something distracts me from it.

And in private life you prefer boys or girls? 
Well, I rather look on a pretty girl but on the street. But thanks to my job I don’t care about appearance so much. I am surounded by beautiful people every single day, so it doesn’t mean anything special to me. And with regard to relationships it is fifty-fifty. I am dating boys and girls quite same.

You are really self-confident. If you have to order - psyche, skills and appearance. What is the most imporant for a girl in porn in you opinion? 
For the time I have been doing porn, I have met so many beautiful girls. But actually, really few of them manage this job. Both mentally and physically. I know a lot of beautiful firls, but if they are planks, can’t look and move good, to be beautiful it is not enough. But vice versa I know girls, which are not so beuaitful, but they have self-confidence, are creative and this is bigger benefits than to be pretty in my opinion. But you need to have a bit of everything.

Which type of people you can’t stand in porn? 
I can’t stand the girls who have shooted two scenes, have been photographed from some unknown photographer and they think they are big stars and behave absolutely horrible! They would crap to slap a bit to go back on the ground. It doesn’t work like that. 

What people mean when they talk about falsity in the industry? 
Well, for me it means that they are nice to you and cares about you only when you are advantageous to them and when you stop, you are not their friend anymore. I actually don’t have any friends between actors. Yes, they are fine, when we have production together, we talk, I like to work with them but when the shooting ends, we won’t go the cafe. You can’t belive anybody there. 

And also the truth is, that a lot of people has this job as a recruitment and they don’t live in a perfect world full of luxury and happiness like they often say. A lot of them also do escorts. 
Another things is that I don’t see many of functional relationships in this industry, because people behave pretty bad - they do drugs and have really chaotic unhelathy lifestyle.

What does it seems important to you for a person not to get crazy, when they suddenly started to have a big amount of money? Do you think that the key is to maintain contact with ‘normal’ people also? 
When I look to certain actors and actresses around me, their life is really weird circle to me. They take drugs, drink alcohol, buy a lot of thing they don’t actually need, cares about material things so much, girls compete in how many boys they will slept with in a month etc. I really don’t get it. So I am really glad for a normal people around me, who helps me with not to be like many of my colleagues.

So what is important for no to get crazy? 
Try to have a similar life that you have before you started shooting, still meet normal people, have hobbies, be intersted in something, set your priorities, learn not to care about money so much, avoid drugs and this crazy lifestyle that you will see around you.





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(this photo it is just illustrative photo of Lucia Denville, you will find photo of Katy on the end of this article)

Katy is cute young blondie, who started to shoot porn accidentally. 

How did you get into porn? 
I went to the casting about bikini shooting but somehow it turned out to porn (laugh).

For how long are you shooting? 
For six months.

What is your motivation to stay in that business? 
Money and I like it.

What do you like about that job? 
I like sex and the discipline I have to have for this type of work.

Do you prefer to shoot with girls or with boys? 
Most of the time with boys.

What scenes do you like? 
The basic classic scenes.

How much is it job for you and how much is it fun? 
From eighty percent it is job for me and from twenty it is fun. I even don’t have orgasms at work.

Do you have a boyfriend? 
Yes, I have. He is porn actor also.

Is there anything that you would never do? 
Sex with animals, scat or something like that.

Do you have some interesting or funny stories that has happened to you during shooting? 
Well, not really. Maybe when we shoot outsider and people stare at us, but nothing so special.

What have you gained and what have you lost thanks to porn? 
It has revealed true friends to me. I don’t think that I have lost anything thanks to porn. People who like me take it as it is and I don’t care about the rest.

Is the porn full-time job for you? 
Yes. I don’t study anymore. I have studied training institution – hair stylist. I am glad that I don’t have to do this job for now, but  I take it as a benefit that I can pursue to something different when porn won’t work out.


What is it important for a girl to maintain in that business by your opinion? 
She has to be really good looking, reliable and has positive attitude about the work. I think there is not so much girls that have all these three things. 

What do you think – what is the difference between VR and classic porn for the actor? 
The only difference is the type of the camera.

Do you have any goals in a porn that you want to reach? 
To build some name. To not to be one of the girls. But it is quite hard, the competition is big.

Do you think that you can porn actor can have frinedship with other actors? 
I think it is possible, but most of the time, they slander each other.

Do you have any advice you would give to the girls who want to shoot porn? 
I would give them just one simple advice – just be yourself!




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