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Today I have another quick questionnaire and I think it is a pity we haven't more time, because Daisy Lee belong to the side of more controversial acresses in the Czech repubilc. Maybe it is because she is a daughter of politician, maybe it is because she likes attention and doesn't have problem to reach it by unusual way. Well, who knows... 

Do you prefer to shoot with boys or with  girls? 
Previously I prefered to shoot with boys, because it was more natural for me but now I don’t care. It is just about habit.

Is there something you have respect from? 
I am really afraid of anal. My head stuck on the idea that anal is not natural thing, that it will hurt me, so I have big problem with it. I hope I get used to it.

How much is it work for you and how much is it fun? 
I haven’t enjoyed sex even once for these five months, wich I am shooting. It is hundred percent work for me.

Is there anything that you would never do? 
I wouldn’t shoot with old people or animals. But except of that I haven’t got problem with anything.

Do you have any funny story from shooting? 
Yes. One day I have been shooting solo and there was a dildo which was fixed to the wall and the sperm squirt from it. The amount of sperm was really big, so I slipped from the sofa and stopped on camera.

What have you lost and what have you gained thanks to porn? 
I have gained a lot of new experiences, it opened my eyes and showed me that life is not a fairytale. I have learned to deal with people and to not trust anyone. I have lost my family thanks to that and good repatutation also, but I don’t care about it.

Is there anything that you hate about actors or actresses? 
I don’t care about them. I just do my work and then leave. I don’t disseminate slander about anyone, I think that everyone should care about thein own lives. But what I hate is when someone doesn’t know me, he even hasn’t seen me yet, but disseminate slander about me.

Is there any difference between shooting normal porn and VR porn for the actor? 
The actors has more chill I think, because the actress has to do everything by her own.

How did you enjoy working with HoliVR? 
It was really amazing! I like productions with whom I can have fun and are smiling and nice.



daisy lee

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Today I have just a quick "questionnaire" with pretty czech blondie Blanche Bradburry. 

Do you prefer to shoot with boys or with girl? 
With boys. 

Is there anything that you have respect from in the porn? 
Probably some hard BDSM.

How much is porn work for you and how much is it fun? 
It depends on scene and on a person. But most of the time is its ninety percent fun for me and ten percent work.

Is there anything that you would never do? 
I don’t do fist anal and also the hard BDSM.

Do you have some funny story from the shooting? 
When I have been doing double penetration with Ian Scoot at the pond, where we have „audience“ of like five people and he was singing to me Hello from Adele.

What have you gained thanks to porn and what have you lost? 
I finály know how it works from the other side – to be on camrea. And what have I lost? Probably nothing, I am happy with my job.

What do you hate on actors/actresses? 
Of course not everyone, but I hate superficiality, tardiness, unpreparedness, aloofness and superciliousness.

Is there any difference between VR and normal porn for the actor? 
VR is really impersonal for me. We can’t touch each other etc. The result is really amazing for the spectator of course, but I prefer normal porn.

How did you enjoy working with HoliVR? 
It was really fine, I can’t say a word against them. Really cool team!



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Today I have one cute tattooed ginger for you. She is young and started as a tattoo model with nudes for charity. Here she is - Foxy Sanie!

How did you get into porn? 
Well it was mainly because of the money. I shoot only with girls and I'm really enjoying it.

Have you been enjoying it since the beggining? 
At first I have been shooting only nude and it was for charity – kids with diseases etc. I am covered by tattoos, so we did it (with other girls) as tattoo models. And then I got the offer for porn, so since then I am into that.

Why are you shooting only with girls? 
Because I have a boyfriend. He wouldn't so glad and honestly I think I am not prepared for it yet.

And can you image that some day – if you hadn't boyfriend – that you would do that? 
Probably I would think about that completely different. Because now I am a bit limited when I am shooting only with girls. And I am also limited because I look like teen, but on the other hand I am tattooed quite a lot, so I have closed doors into teen production thanks to that. But I don't know, it would depends on the situation.

And what about some special makeups to cover the tattoos? Have you ever think about that? 
I have, but these makeups are quite expensive, so I am not sure if it was worthy for me.... Maybe yes, but this is me after all, with all my tattoos. But I thought about „nude“ sleeves, maybe that would works.

How much is this work for you and how much is is fun? 
I would say fifty-fifty. This is my only job from last few months and it gave me so much. It gave me really a lot of friends and maybe better friends than I have ever met in my past. People from that job are really open-minded. Not everyone, of course, but some of them yes.

Do you like gilrs in real life too? 
I think yes. I think that I am bisexual. I have not tried to date with a girls, but if we would talk about sexual side of things, I like both – boys but even girls. And what it is interesting – when I have been helping with one gangbang, it bothered me a bit that there were a lot of naked guys than when I have been on a harem with so many naked girls.

How have you been helping with gangbang? 
I have been acting the second barmaid, just as extras, so the first barmaid has done all of work. (laugh)

Is is someting that you have respect from in that trade? 
From anal. I have respect from it even at home. I think that I would never do double-anal for example. Of course I am a bit afraid of diseases, but it is a bit safer with the girls. I even think that you should be more afraid of sit on some public toilets than of shooting porn.

Is it anything that you would never do except anal? 
I don't mind fetishes, but I would never do some disgusting things. Scat, old men etc.. And I have so many friends that do gay porn and I really can't understand why they do that. With girls it is different for me.

What have you gained and what I have you lost thanks to porn? 
A lot of people are judging me for this. I have gained a lot of money. I don't think that I have lost something thanks to porn. But it is interesting that my friends really support me in what I am doing. Maybe it is because I am not shooting with boys. The only one who had a little problem with it is my boyfriend, because he gets jealous sometimes. We have been together for almost a year when I have started shooting. It was because of some financial issues in that time so he agreed. He has even tried to shoot with me, but he has problem with cameras so it has not work out.




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James is one of these people who aren't talkative so much, but still are really clever and know what they want.

How did you get into porn? 
I have seen the offer on the internet so I have decided that I will give it a try. So I got that job and they told me they want to work with me next time. So I am shooting from now.

What is your main motivation? 
Probably the experience. I have never had problems with money, so the money aren't my main „gas“.

So you want to build a career at porn or is it just one chapter for you? 
One chapter I guess.

Have you started on a gay porn? 
No, I haven't, bud I have shooted some.

Is there anything you are afraid of? 
No. I have nothing like that in porn.

With which actor you like to work? 
For example Angel Wicky, she is my type.

With which actor you like to work? 
For example Angel Wicky, she is my type.

For how long are you shooting? 
About a year.

Is there anything that you would never do? 
Probably passive role at gay porn.

Do you have any funny story? 
I have been defecated during gay anal. I have been shooting with some beginner and he has problem with cleaning so when I pull it off, it was really unpleasant.

Have you laughed at it? 
Other did, but I didn't so much.

Is there anything that you have gained thanks to porn? 
I have gone to porn with interest to recognize this industry. So in that sense I have gained so much.

What have you lost thanks to porn? 
It has taken me some kiths.

And is there anything you really hate on actresses? 
 Intelligence of certain actresses really suprises me. (laugh)

What quality a person should have to manage this jov? 
He has to be patient and can't let it cast.

What is the main difference between normal porno or VR porn? 
In VR porn the girls is mostly dominant. But I think it is easier for for a boy.

How did you enjoyed shooting with HoliVR? 
 I am happy about them. I shoot with them for some time so it is cool.

Do you think that VR porn has its place in the future? 
 Of course. Today technologies go ahead really fast.

Do you have any sexual wish that came true thanks to porn? 
Probably more girls at once.





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Today I have one porn couple. Now they are only shooting together and do normal job as well. Why they decided like that? Let's find out!

So how did you get into porn? 
Rachel : I was doing one promo event for kinder sweets that day and suddenly two people came to me and give me some buissnes card. It was something about shooting. I thought that it is really for normal movie shooting. When I came there and found out what was going on, I ran out. Then my friend brought me there again. And since then I have stayed here alerady.

So you haven't started together?
Rachel : No. We've met two years ago during one shooting.

What was your motivation to stay in that branch?
G. : Simple life. Quick money. It is not a fun for me. Maybe at the begining but it is not as easy as it looks.

So now you just shoot together?
G. : Yes.
Rachel: We are at porn pension (laugh). We do it just from time to time.
Jirka: We do both normal job aalso nd it is not much possible to both of the jobs do on 100%. We can not take a day off at normal job because of shooting all the time.

Is anybody who knows it at the normal job?
G. :  Just one person.
Radka : It is same at me. I have just one friend who knows it.

Why did you start doing normal job also?
Rachel: I was bored at home.
G. :  Sitting home and waiting for the work... It is just waste of time. It is better to do something than wait for someone to contact you.
Rachel : I wanted normal lifestyle again. When shooting was my full-time job, I was waking up late and so on.

But now you have less offers, do you?
Rachel : Of course. When I stopped doing hardcore with other men and I started shooting just with my boyfriend, it is clear that we have less work. I do lesbian and solo also, but it is not so much work too.
G. : Rachel is really awesome for that. She gave up money for love. Some girl would be lying about it and still going on hardcore scenes with other men.

Have you started on a gay porn?
G. : My first scene wasn't gay porn, but then I have shooted some. But when I have enough 'normal' work, I have ran out of it of course. It is not worth it. Most of the guys there are heterosexuals, but it is a question of a male ego there. And if we would talk about money, it is for the similiar price as hetero.

It seems exciting to me that you have problem with different lifestyle. Because many of people like that job for that. Did you really miss normal '8 to 16' job?
Rachel : I have also felt the comfort of my job. But then it was a really long time of that. Twelve years of that job is really long time. But I got lazy then of course.
G. : But this job has its end after all. One day the people will have to work. Because if the person won't save some money – which is problem for most of the young people – there is not anything else you could do about it.

And is there some recipe how to do it - to not get mad because of the money? Mainly for young people...
G. : Everyone needs to consider it by their own. 
Rachel : Maybe money reveals our character. And my is probably good. (laugh) Money are really nice, I admit it, I have been shopaholic for some time, but we can keep our standard even if we don't do porn as our full time job.
G. : Yes, it is possible to make it even with normal job.

Have you been shocked when you have started going to normal work?
Rachel : I do only six hours shifits. It would be probably much worse for me if I do eight hours shits. But I don't do just this work. I always earn extra money somewhere. So for me it is not anything negative. 
G. : I have been accustomed to work hands since young age, then I stopped for a while because of porn, but porn was my full-time job for really short time. I think like two years or something like that. Now I work hands again. Man shoudl work hand in my opinion.

Is there anything that you would never do?
Rachel : I don't like anal. Even I have done about three anal scenes, but it was for really different money. I don't like expectoration and even hard sex during shooting. At home it is different. I prefer normal romantic scenes at shooting.
G. : I wouldn't do gay porn again. I'm not saying never, but if I'd do that now, it would be for much more money.

Do you think, boys have to start on gay porn?
G. : I think that when you have connections, you don't have to. But if you don't, they will send you on gay scences at first.

How is it possible that many of the actors do more things at home than at the shooting?
Rachel : Because you can't control it during the scenes. When you do something at home, you can tell stop anytime. But when you don't like anything during scences, you can't say that it is too much for you.

Do you think actor can have other actors as friends?
Rachel : Yes, I think it is possible. There are some princess, with whom I don't understand so well, but I have some friends from that branch.
G. : I think yes. Even at the gay porn, when they have been heterosexual, they have been going to the gym, we can talk about something.

Do you think guys can do better oral thant girls?
(both laugh)
G. : I don't know, because I don't like boys. And even technically it is not so good, because they use teeth so much. (Rachel laughs) Girl just do it with more passion. Boy does it, because he has to.

Have you done gay porn just active, passive or both?
G. : Just active.

Do you prefer to shoot with girls or with boys?
Rachel : I am purely heterosexual, so for me is it more natural to shoot with boys. But it is alright with girls also. It depends on how we understand with each other.
G. : But it is interesting that society looks different on two girls together than on two boy. But it is just about setting of our society and you can't do anything about that.


In the next article I will bring you young ginger teen - Foxy Sanie!




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