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Today we are starting with #PORNTINTERVIEW serie, where I will introduce you by interview some of the czech famous porn actors and actresses. So for the first article I have one beautiful black haired teen girl and one handsome cool guy for you. I have to say that interview with them was really fun and we were laughing a lot. Ladies and gentlemen - Anie and Paul! 

Have you started on a gay porn? 
Paul: Actually, my first scene wasn't gay, but then I was doing the gay porn also for some time, because of the money. Even I still have some offers – I was at one certain agency and was earning really nice money – I have left that kind of work. Because of the gay porn I have had some problems with alcohol in the past. I couldn't figure out with what I was doing. Then it has got better, but I don't want to do gay porn anymore. Even if they would offer me a lot of money, I probably wouldn't do that.

Have you done active or passive scenes? 
Paul: Both.

Anie, you get your hands off from many practices. What about anal? Do you plan to auction your first anal scene? 
Anie: I just don't plan anal now. I do basically everything at home, but it is really different at work for me. I think that they are some practices, I will never do at work. At first– on certain things I would need to be more relax and at second - on certain things I need to know the person a bit more. And then it is also about some buisness strategy. I want to start with every each activity really slowly to maintain interest about me. But if I should do anal one day, it will has to be for really good money.

And what about you, Paul? Do you have some things you do at home, but not on the camera? 
Paul: Not really. Well, except gay porn, because in my real life I don't sleep with the guys. But I got an occupational disease – when I sleep with some girl in real life, I try to set her right for the lights, camera etc. 
Anie: Yes, it is really common at our branch.

Even if it you would get, let's say 1 850 euros for scatting on someone? 
Paul: For that amount I would scat on everyone. Even on a production. (laugh)

How did you get into porn? 
Anie: I have had some troubles with guys at that time. They abuse me just for sex. Basically I was just a walking vagina. So thanks to that life experience (and also because of the money of course), I started doing porn. And andrelin has part in it also. It is not some basic job and I won't give up on fucking. 
Paul: It was much easier in my case. I have lost m my job and find an erotic advertisement.

And why did you stay at that job? What is your main motivation? 
Paul: The main motivation are money and then some kind of specific lifestyle too. It is part of this job. I'm really enjoying the freedom which I have. I can do anything I want and earn money for that.

Is it some thing which you have respect from and you will never do that? 
Anie: I have respect from the anal and his variation (double, trip, …) and also from sexual diseases.

The control system at porn doesn't seem safe enough to you? 
Anie: Absolutely not. One test per whole month certainly is not enough. No one can guarantee me that actor have not slept with anyone before shooting. Maybe he slept with some girl with sexual disease.... So this one of the bad sides at this job.

Is is something you have respcet from? 
Paul: I have respect from gay porn.

How is it possible that you first have done gay porn and then when you stopped, you started to have respect from that? 
Paul: At first I still said to myself: „You do this for the money.“ But actually I couldn't figure out with that, so I started to have the troubles with the alcohol. When I started to get more normal offers, I leave the gay porn scenes completely.

Anie, is there something you would never do? 
Anie: I would never sleep with kids, old people or animals. And I probably wouldn't do scatting or vomiting.

If you should say – on how much percent is porn work for you and how much it is just a job? 
Anie: For example today I have enjoyed the work on 80 percet, so it was work only from 20 percent . But it was mine third or fourth scene, where I have had it like that. In other cases I don't enjoy work so much, it is just a work. 
Pavel: I have this totally conversely. From big part it is fun for me and as some other actors I always try to find something interesting on each girl I will have a sex with. Today I have enjoyed it for a maximum, but because of the VR video I couldn't touch Anie so much. (laugh)

What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you during shooting? 
Anie: When I was shooting VR porn one day, we were doing a nuru massages (it is kind of massages where you use your own body and a lot of sticky gel). When I was leaving the scene, I was falling all the time because of the gel. Then I decided to give up trying to walk away and I crawled off from the scene. Then also some leakage of body fluids. But also classical bloopers as falling, when the air gets into the girl etc.

Paul: I used to look more younger. Especially when I cut my hair, I look like I was fifteen years old. So they used to maning me on the role like aunt rapes his nephew, teacher rapes her student etc. One day I come on the MILF scene with very good mood. We were doing the doggy style position and when I stick it into the woman, I found out that I don't feel nothing. The vagina was really loose. In the middle of the shooting, I couldn't help myself and I said to her „Damn, mamma, I would enter to you three times!“ She got mad, so it was even funnier for me and the end was when cameraman started to yelling one me. 
Anie: It happened to me also, that actor said to me in the middle of the scene „Oh, you are so juicy one the inside!“ It is impossible not to laugh then.

Is is some experience or thing that you have gained in porn but it is useful for you even in a real life? 
Paul: I am not addicted to a partner because of the sex. I am quite wild. My life is quite a big rush, I like freedom and I won't listen anybody about what I should and shouldn't do. I used to hold my partners for the sex. Now I don't have to. Since the time I started shooting, I have not had any stable girlfriend 
Anie: I think that porn is some kind of lifestyle. The person who shoots, sees the world much differently. We are sluts from the nature (laugh). For example I have totally lost shame. Most of the people, when they see someone naked, they started to turn their heads away etc. But for me it is absolutely normal. Or when I should undress in front of someone, I am totally okay about that. This „skills“ I have gained whene I started shooting. Before porn, when I should go even on the nudist beach, I would go there totally covered and I would need blinkers. I am okay with nudity now. And generally I think that porn actors and porn actresses have better attitude about that things.

What have you gained thnaks to porn and what have you lost? 
Paul: I have lost worries. 
Anie: I think that we have lost it some privacy also. Even really small amout people také us as the actors, we still are actors. People keep an eye on us.

Do you think, that you could lost some oportunities or even people because you are shooting? 
Anie: Sure. I even that kind of experiences already. I know that when I would find second job, I have smaller chance than other people. No company or buisness want to be associated with the porn. I have had a similiar problem with living. When I wanted to rent a flat, that didn't want to rent it me, because I am shooting porn. Maybe people think, that we are bad people because of that... I don't know. 
Paul: I have it conversely. When I come to my second work, where I work hands to relax myself, they take me absolutely normal. It is true that I do more with the men there. But then I do fire performances also and there it is more women's team and they take me there with no problem too.

So there is nothing that porn has také you? 
Paul: Judgement and virginity of my anal. (laugh)

Do you think that guys are better at oral sex than girls? 
Paul: It depends. It is true that I have been suprised at some scenes and I said to myself: „What?! How is it possible? He is guy!“ (laugh) But it depens on many things. Gay porn do mainly heterosexual men for the money and I think it is visible on the scenes. The heterosexual guy will not try as much as heterosexual girl of course.

Is it something that you don't like about actors and actresses? 
Anie: I don't like when actors or actresses stink. For example in the summer I understand that it is really heat, so we sweat a lot. But it is really disgusting when the actor come to the shooting like that and doesn't even takéea shower. I don't like it. But what I hate the most is predatory behaviour of some actors and actresses. 
Paul: I don't like when a girl is a board. Or even what is worse – when she really overplays. I am not even inside her and she screams like it is really exciting.

Are you trying to lead the actors/actresses to make it more pleasantly for you? 
Anie: Not really. I am rather trying – but I think they are trying also – to lead them for the best result on the camera. 
Paul: During the VR scences, it is quite hard, but whne I can, I lead them. During the classical porn, I usually lead them, because there is always some oportunity. And I try to do it like that, because I don't want to use any „support resources“.

Have you ever used them? 
Paul: Well I was shooting gay porn. There is not any other possibility. One time I have tooked too much and I have erection for eighteen hours! After shooting I called another production if they don't have some work for me. At first it was quite fun, but then it wasn't already. I have tried everything to stop it, but nothing helped me. So next day I went for the antibody and everyone stares at me because the erection was impossible to cover. After half an hour it was okay, but the penis hurted me for forteen days after that. 
Anie: I think that some accidents at work happened to everyone. For example I have been torned. When I was shooting lesbian porn, the girl scratched me from the inside that I was crying during the scenes for the whole next month.

Isn't it uncomfortable for the actress when the girl has really long nails? 
Anie: If it is not one meter long claw, then no. I don't feel it anyhow.

Do you have also some bad experiences with productions? 
Anie: I have mainly good. For example with the HoliVR, it was really cool. 
Paul: Yes, boys are awesome. 
Anie: But then, there are some productions, where they také girls as some inflatable dolls and they treat them really bad. And when someone frustrated actor or actress the scene won't be good. Each porn scene should look like I am experincing the best sex in my life, but when the realtionship between actor and production dosen't work well, it doesn't look good at all.

Paul: I have many good experiences also, but sometimes I have had a feeling that they were rehearsing me like what I endure. I don't care about these games, but that type of productions don't have to count on me next time so much. When I don't like the production, I am not as reliable as I would be when the production was good. 
Anie: I have it same.