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Today I have one cute tattooed ginger for you. She is young and started as a tattoo model with nudes for charity. Here she is - Foxy Sanie!

How did you get into porn? 
Well it was mainly because of the money. I shoot only with girls and I'm really enjoying it.

Have you been enjoying it since the beggining? 
At first I have been shooting only nude and it was for charity – kids with diseases etc. I am covered by tattoos, so we did it (with other girls) as tattoo models. And then I got the offer for porn, so since then I am into that.

Why are you shooting only with girls? 
Because I have a boyfriend. He wouldn't so glad and honestly I think I am not prepared for it yet.

And can you image that some day – if you hadn't boyfriend – that you would do that? 
Probably I would think about that completely different. Because now I am a bit limited when I am shooting only with girls. And I am also limited because I look like teen, but on the other hand I am tattooed quite a lot, so I have closed doors into teen production thanks to that. But I don't know, it would depends on the situation.

And what about some special makeups to cover the tattoos? Have you ever think about that? 
I have, but these makeups are quite expensive, so I am not sure if it was worthy for me.... Maybe yes, but this is me after all, with all my tattoos. But I thought about „nude“ sleeves, maybe that would works.

How much is this work for you and how much is is fun? 
I would say fifty-fifty. This is my only job from last few months and it gave me so much. It gave me really a lot of friends and maybe better friends than I have ever met in my past. People from that job are really open-minded. Not everyone, of course, but some of them yes.

Do you like gilrs in real life too? 
I think yes. I think that I am bisexual. I have not tried to date with a girls, but if we would talk about sexual side of things, I like both – boys but even girls. And what it is interesting – when I have been helping with one gangbang, it bothered me a bit that there were a lot of naked guys than when I have been on a harem with so many naked girls.

How have you been helping with gangbang? 
I have been acting the second barmaid, just as extras, so the first barmaid has done all of work. (laugh)

Is is someting that you have respect from in that trade? 
From anal. I have respect from it even at home. I think that I would never do double-anal for example. Of course I am a bit afraid of diseases, but it is a bit safer with the girls. I even think that you should be more afraid of sit on some public toilets than of shooting porn.

Is it anything that you would never do except anal? 
I don't mind fetishes, but I would never do some disgusting things. Scat, old men etc.. And I have so many friends that do gay porn and I really can't understand why they do that. With girls it is different for me.

What have you gained and what I have you lost thanks to porn? 
A lot of people are judging me for this. I have gained a lot of money. I don't think that I have lost something thanks to porn. But it is interesting that my friends really support me in what I am doing. Maybe it is because I am not shooting with boys. The only one who had a little problem with it is my boyfriend, because he gets jealous sometimes. We have been together for almost a year when I have started shooting. It was because of some financial issues in that time so he agreed. He has even tried to shoot with me, but he has problem with cameras so it has not work out.