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Today I have another quick questionnaire and I think it is a pity we haven't more time, because Daisy Lee belong to the side of more controversial acresses in the Czech repubilc. Maybe it is because she is a daughter of politician, maybe it is because she likes attention and doesn't have problem to reach it by unusual way. Well, who knows... 

Do you prefer to shoot with boys or with  girls? 
Previously I prefered to shoot with boys, because it was more natural for me but now I don’t care. It is just about habit.

Is there something you have respect from? 
I am really afraid of anal. My head stuck on the idea that anal is not natural thing, that it will hurt me, so I have big problem with it. I hope I get used to it.

How much is it work for you and how much is it fun? 
I haven’t enjoyed sex even once for these five months, wich I am shooting. It is hundred percent work for me.

Is there anything that you would never do? 
I wouldn’t shoot with old people or animals. But except of that I haven’t got problem with anything.

Do you have any funny story from shooting? 
Yes. One day I have been shooting solo and there was a dildo which was fixed to the wall and the sperm squirt from it. The amount of sperm was really big, so I slipped from the sofa and stopped on camera.

What have you lost and what have you gained thanks to porn? 
I have gained a lot of new experiences, it opened my eyes and showed me that life is not a fairytale. I have learned to deal with people and to not trust anyone. I have lost my family thanks to that and good repatutation also, but I don’t care about it.

Is there anything that you hate about actors or actresses? 
I don’t care about them. I just do my work and then leave. I don’t disseminate slander about anyone, I think that everyone should care about thein own lives. But what I hate is when someone doesn’t know me, he even hasn’t seen me yet, but disseminate slander about me.

Is there any difference between shooting normal porn and VR porn for the actor? 
The actors has more chill I think, because the actress has to do everything by her own.

How did you enjoy working with HoliVR? 
It was really amazing! I like productions with whom I can have fun and are smiling and nice.



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