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James is one of these people who aren't talkative so much, but still are really clever and know what they want.

How did you get into porn? 
I have seen the offer on the internet so I have decided that I will give it a try. So I got that job and they told me they want to work with me next time. So I am shooting from now.

What is your main motivation? 
Probably the experience. I have never had problems with money, so the money aren't my main „gas“.

So you want to build a career at porn or is it just one chapter for you? 
One chapter I guess.

Have you started on a gay porn? 
No, I haven't, bud I have shooted some.

Is there anything you are afraid of? 
No. I have nothing like that in porn.

With which actor you like to work? 
For example Angel Wicky, she is my type.

With which actor you like to work? 
For example Angel Wicky, she is my type.

For how long are you shooting? 
About a year.

Is there anything that you would never do? 
Probably passive role at gay porn.

Do you have any funny story? 
I have been defecated during gay anal. I have been shooting with some beginner and he has problem with cleaning so when I pull it off, it was really unpleasant.

Have you laughed at it? 
Other did, but I didn't so much.

Is there anything that you have gained thanks to porn? 
I have gone to porn with interest to recognize this industry. So in that sense I have gained so much.

What have you lost thanks to porn? 
It has taken me some kiths.

And is there anything you really hate on actresses? 
 Intelligence of certain actresses really suprises me. (laugh)

What quality a person should have to manage this jov? 
He has to be patient and can't let it cast.

What is the main difference between normal porno or VR porn? 
In VR porn the girls is mostly dominant. But I think it is easier for for a boy.

How did you enjoyed shooting with HoliVR? 
 I am happy about them. I shoot with them for some time so it is cool.

Do you think that VR porn has its place in the future? 
 Of course. Today technologies go ahead really fast.

Do you have any sexual wish that came true thanks to porn? 
Probably more girls at once.





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