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(this photo it is just illustrative photo of Lucia Denville, you will find photo of Katy on the end of this article)

Katy is cute young blondie, who started to shoot porn accidentally. 

How did you get into porn? 
I went to the casting about bikini shooting but somehow it turned out to porn (laugh).

For how long are you shooting? 
For six months.

What is your motivation to stay in that business? 
Money and I like it.

What do you like about that job? 
I like sex and the discipline I have to have for this type of work.

Do you prefer to shoot with girls or with boys? 
Most of the time with boys.

What scenes do you like? 
The basic classic scenes.

How much is it job for you and how much is it fun? 
From eighty percent it is job for me and from twenty it is fun. I even don’t have orgasms at work.

Do you have a boyfriend? 
Yes, I have. He is porn actor also.

Is there anything that you would never do? 
Sex with animals, scat or something like that.

Do you have some interesting or funny stories that has happened to you during shooting? 
Well, not really. Maybe when we shoot outsider and people stare at us, but nothing so special.

What have you gained and what have you lost thanks to porn? 
It has revealed true friends to me. I don’t think that I have lost anything thanks to porn. People who like me take it as it is and I don’t care about the rest.

Is the porn full-time job for you? 
Yes. I don’t study anymore. I have studied training institution – hair stylist. I am glad that I don’t have to do this job for now, but  I take it as a benefit that I can pursue to something different when porn won’t work out.


What is it important for a girl to maintain in that business by your opinion? 
She has to be really good looking, reliable and has positive attitude about the work. I think there is not so much girls that have all these three things. 

What do you think – what is the difference between VR and classic porn for the actor? 
The only difference is the type of the camera.

Do you have any goals in a porn that you want to reach? 
To build some name. To not to be one of the girls. But it is quite hard, the competition is big.

Do you think that you can porn actor can have frinedship with other actors? 
I think it is possible, but most of the time, they slander each other.

Do you have any advice you would give to the girls who want to shoot porn? 
I would give them just one simple advice – just be yourself!




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